Rider, a cab hailing application connecting riders with independent third-party drivers.

Rider Refund

1. Cancellation Window: Scheduled Rides: Riders possess the liberty to cancel a scheduled ride without incurring any charges up to 5 minutes before the designated pickup time.

2. On-Demand Rider: In the case of on-demand rides, riders can exercise the freedom to cancel, devoid of charges, within 5 minutes subsequent to driver acceptance.

Booking and Cancellation

Scheduled Rides: Should a rider opt to cancel a scheduled ride within less than 5 minutes before the scheduled pickup time, a cancellation fee may be applicable. On-Demand Rides: Cancelling after 5 minutes of driver acceptance for on-demand rides may attract a cancellation fee.

Booking: Riders can request transportation services through the Rider app. The app will provide information about the assigned driver and estimated time of arrival. b. Cancellation: Riders may cancel a booking within a reasonable time frame. However, frequent and unjustified cancellations may result in restrictions on your account.

Cancellation Fee Amount: The quantum of the cancellation fee is contingent upon various parameters such as distance, time, and demand. The specific cancellation fee for each ride will be visibly presented on the platform at the time of cancellation.

No-Show Policy:
  • Failure of a rider to be present at the stipulated pickup location within [insert time period, e.g., 5 minutes] of the driver's arrival during a scheduled ride will be classified as a no-show.
  • No-show incidents may result in the imposition of a cancellation fee to be charged to the rider's account.
    Under extenuating circumstances or emergencies, Rider reserves the prerogative to exercise discretion in waiving cancellation fees. Riders are encouraged to communicate such instances promptly through our customer support channels.
    Cancellation fees will be debited automatically from the rider's predetermined payment method on file, ensuring a streamlined and efficient process.
    Riders will receive prompt notifications confirming the cancellation and delineating any pertinent cancellation fees, fostering transparency in the transactional process.
Repeat Offenders:
    Upholding the reliability of our service, Rider reserves the right to implement additional measures for riders exhibiting a recurring pattern of frequent cancellations or no-shows.
Policy Updates:

Rider retains the right to revise, modify, or update this cancellation policy at any juncture. Riders will be duly notified of such changes through the application or other designated communication channels. By engaging with Rider, riders implicitly agree to adhere to the stipulations outlined in this cancellation policy. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation, endeavoring together to ensure a positive and seamless experience for all users of our platform. Should any queries or concerns arise, our dedicated customer support team is at your disposal. Thank you for selecting Rider for your transportation needs. Safe travels!

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