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Rider | Company Policy.

This Privacy Policy explains how we collect, process, use, share and protect information about you. It also tells you how you can access and update your information and make certain choices about how your information is used.

Rider Cab Hailing Company is committed to providing safe, reliable, and convenient transportation services to our customers. Our policies are designed to ensure the safety and satisfaction of both riders and drivers, as well as to maintain the integrity of our platform. This document outlines the policies that govern the use of our services by riders. www.werider.app

Rider Conduct

a. Respect: Riders must treat drivers with respect and courtesy at all times. Any form of discrimination, harassment, or abusive behavior towards drivers or other riders is strictly prohibited.
b. Compliance with Laws: Riders must comply with all local laws and regulations while using our services, including but not limited to traffic laws and regulations regarding the consumption of alcohol.
c. Personal Safety: Riders are responsible for their own safety while using our services. This includes wearing seat belts when available, avoiding distracting the driver, and refraining from engaging in any behavior that may compromise safety.
d. Damage to Property: Riders must not damage or vandalize the vehicle or any property belonging to the driver or Rider Cab Hailing Company. Any damage caused by a rider must be reported immediately to Rider Cab Hailing Company.
e. Cleanliness: Riders are expected to maintain cleanliness in the vehicle during the ride. Littering, spilling food or drinks, or any other actions that result in a mess in the vehicle are not permitted.
f. Prohibited Items: Riders must not bring any illegal substances, weapons, or hazardous materials into the vehicle.

Booking and Payment

a. Booking: Riders must book rides through the Rider Cab Hailing Company app or website. Bookings made through any other means are not permitted.
b. Fare Payment: Riders are required to pay the fare for their ride through the app using a valid payment method. Fare estimates provided by the app are for guidance purposes only and may vary based on factors such as traffic and route taken.
c. Cancellations: Riders may cancel a booking without incurring a cancellation fee if done within a reasonable time frame specified in the app. Excessive cancellations may result in penalties or suspension of the rider's account.

Ratings and Feedback

a. Rating System: After each ride, riders have the opportunity to rate the driver and provide feedback on their experience. Ratings help maintain the quality of our service and may affect future ride allocations.
b. Feedback: Riders are encouraged to provide constructive feedback to help us improve our services. Any concerns or complaints should be reported to Rider Cab Hailing Company through the app or website.

Account Suspension and Termination

a. Violation of Policies: Riders who violate any of the policies outlined in this document may have their account suspended or terminated at the discretion of Rider Cab Hailing Company.
b. Appeals: Riders have the right to appeal any decision regarding account suspension or termination. Appeals should be submitted in writing to Rider Cab Hailing Company's support team, who will review the case and make a final decision.

Amendments to Policy

Rider Cab Hailing Company reserves the right to amend or update this policy at any time without prior notice. Riders will be notified of any changes to the policy through the app or website.

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